Galapagos Island Broadsheets


As part of our topic 'What Do We Know About Life on Earth?' We spent yesterday morning researching the Galapagos Islands and finding out as much information as we can. We then had to put our research into a broadsheet to give  our readers as much information as we possibly could.  We used the laptops to find our research and then put...

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Year 6 Play Rehearsals


Rehearsals for our end of year performance are now well under way. This morning we managed to rehearse the first 5 scenes of the performance without any major hiccups. We are really looking forward to putting on a show for our parents and sharing our final experience at Hucklow.  

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Y6 Plant Investigators


As part of our continuing Science work in Year 6 we looked at plants and classification. This meant going outside and finding different varieties of leaf and followed a plant classification flow chart to classify the leaves. An example of the flow chart we have used to create our own is in the images in the gallery. We enjoyed hunting for different...

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Y5 Visit to National Space Centre


On Wednesday 29th June, Year 5 will be going on their educational visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester - we cannot wait! It is the perfect place to explore, in more depth, our topic of Earth in Space. We will immerse ourselves in scientific discovery: see real rockets and capsules that have actually been in space;  ob...

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In Year 5, we will be having our water safety lesson this Friday 24th June in our swimming lesson at Concord Sports Centre. This is such a vital life skill, to know what to do if you or someone you know is in danger in the water. It will ensure that our children are equipped with the knowledge of how to be safe in water and what to do if they see s...

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Y3/4 Colour Smash!

 Today we myself and Mr Hardwick have taken a group of children to the colour smash at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy park, all the children who attended wanted to go back round for another go! As we finished our run through the paint a BBC look north presenter asked some of our children for an interview, so keep an eye peeled on the BBC 6 o'clo...

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Y2 Library Visits in the next few weeks

During week 4 of this term, we will be visiting Firth Park library. There is a letter going home today with information to fill out so your child can join the library and borrow books. Please fill this out and send it back as soon as possible.  Mr Kirman's class will be visiting the library on Monday 27th June and Miss Callaghan's cl...

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Cyberbullying is a no go!


As part of our computing and PSHE ;learning in Year 5 we have been recapping our Online Safety learning from the last year. This week we looked at cyberbullying and the impact cyberbullying can have on people. We used different templates to write about the different areas of cyberbullying and what we could do if this happened to us. 

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PE Power!


For our PE this half term we have been working on our Handball skills. Handball is a mixture of basketball and football and is played using a smaller ball than you would with basketball. This is a topic we covered in Year 5 and we thoroughly enjoyed recapping all the skills and re-learning the rules in order to play the game. We split ourselve...

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'Egg'citing Times In Year 2!

We are so very lucky to be hatching our own chicken eggs in year 2 this year. The eggs take 21 days to hatch - they are already on day 7 so in 2 weeks time, we will hopefully have 6 little chicks in our classroom! Very 'egg'citing indeed!

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Y5 Library Visit

Y5 Library Visit

The Y5 pupils have had a tremendous time at this week's visit to Firth Park Library. It has been some time since our last visit, so it was wonderful to see the children enjoying their time there. The staff at the library reminded the children of how they can use their library cards to borrow books to take home. Lots of our pupils brought their...

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Super Scientists


As part of our Science learning in Year 6 - we have been looking at the circulatory system and the functions of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. We have learnt that if we took out all of our blood vessels (arteries, capillaries and veins) they would stretch around the world twice for children and almost three times for an adult.  

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Y2 Show and Share

Hello to all parents and carers of children in Year 2!  The Year 2 team of children and staff cannot wait to welcome you into our classes to show and share with you some of our AMAZING learning so far this term. Please do come and join us this Wednesday 8th June 2022 from 2.25pm to the end of the afternoon - we have prepared some act...

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Measuring madness!

We have had a really settled start back to our final term and the children have been fantastic so far. We have been learning more about measures and today, the children used balancing scales to compare the weights of different objects. WE all had a very fun time experimenting with different objects and seeing if we could balance the scales!

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Parent Voice

Your opinions and feedback are very important to us at Hucklow, and we take your views and ideas into account in all decisions we make. We value our community and appreciate the importance and impact of each and every parent.  Please complete our parent questionnaire and return to school by Monday 13th June. Paper copies wi...

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Hucklow's Got Talent 2022


Do you have a hidden gift? What is your special talent? Are you hiding a super power?  If you answer yes to any of the above then YOU NEED to audition for Hucklow's Got Talent 2022!  The first round of auditions will be held on Friday 24th June to your classes. The top acts will be chosen by children in each class and these will then perf...

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Collage Fun + Joyous Jubilee

This week Year 2 have been learning how to collage. We have had some amazing fun cutting, ripping and printing to create a fantastic piece of art! In these pictures, the year 2 children were learning how to print and experimenting with printing in their art books.  Yesterday we had an amazing time celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee. We h...

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Y5 Arts Week

In year 5 for arts week, we used our collage skills to create collages of the Solar System. We analysed different types of collage, practised different techniques and tried out some new skills. Then we worked in pairs to plan out and design our collage solar system before creating these amazing masterpieces.

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Casting Call for Year 6


This week our Year 6 pupils have auditioned for a part in their end of year performance. We saw some great auditions with some reducing staff members to tears! After an incredibly tough choice we were able to choose our final cast! Darwin will be rocking, the Fuegians will be on fire and the Scientists  will be showcasing their science sk...

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RWI Virtual Classroom videos


Parents-phonics-screen-virtual-classroom-crib-2 259 kb Download Files Just a reminder the Y1 phonics screen test is taking place between Monday June 6th - Friday 10th June.   Click on the QR code which will take you to the Ruth Miskin virtual classroom page. Here you will find videos the children can watch to revise any sounds and challenge th...

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