Friday with Friends


After a busy week of writing, our Year 6's enjoyed their Friday with Friends activities this week. They had a choice of drawing cartoon characters, making loom bands, building with Lego, playing a card game called Mafia or board games. The aim of Friday with Friends is to build up our social skills and how we interact with each other over game...

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Year 6 Show and Share Afternoon


Hello to all parents and carers of children in Year 6! The Year 6 team of children and staff cannot wait to welcome you into our classes to show and share with you some of our AMAZING learning so far this term. Please do come and join us this Tuesday 24th May 2022 from 2.15pm to the end of the afternoon - we have prepared some activities to sh...

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Amazing Ammonites

As part of our current curriculum topic, 'What Do You Know About Life On Earth?' our Year 6's had a go at drawing an ammonite. An ammonite is one of the most common known fossils that typically has a ribbed spiral-form shell and are creatures that lived in the sea until the became extinct with the dinosaurs. The children completed a 1st draft and t...

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Y5 Cricket Champions


On Wednesday, a group of Year 5 boys was selected to take part in a cricket tournament against other schools in the local area. They worked extremely hard as a team, supported well by Mr Hussain and Miss Devoy. They showed determination, great sportsmanship, resilience and represented all of our school core values throughout the day. They were rewa...

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This week's learning

This week at nursery we have done some fantastic learning. Outdoor we have a new tree stump the children enjoyed exploring. Some children enjoyed feeling the texture of the tree stump and describing the look and feel of it whilst others  decided to challenge their physical skills and jump off the tree stump. Also this ...

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Summer Key Dates- Look at what we have planned!


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Y4HA memories

As part of our PSHE learning, we have been talking about our memories. Last week we focused on memories with or of people we don't get to see anymore. The children drew a picture of the person or the memory and told us all about it. Everyone loved sharing their special people and memories to each other, and we had a great discussion about them! We ...

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Y4AH Show and Share!

We have had an amazing afternoon in Y4AH, some of our parents joined us for an afternoon, so we could show off our amazing work, and teach them some of our knowledge! We are extremely proud of all our work and learning, and have thoroughly enjoyed showing it off to our parents too!  Thank you to all the parents who could make it today and we h...

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Y4 Show and Share Afternoon


Hello to all parents and carers of children in Year 4! The Year 4 team of children and staff cannot wait to welcome you into our classes to show and share with you some of our AMAZING learning so far this term. Please do come and join us this Wednesday 18th May 2022 from 2.15pm to the end of the afternoon - we have prepared some acti...

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Year 5 Show and Share Afternoon


Hello to all parents and carers of children in Year 5! The Year 5 team of children and staff cannot wait to welcome you into our classes to show and share with you some of our AMAZING learning so far this term.  Please do come and join us this Thursday 19th May 2022  from 2.15pm to the end of the afternoon - we have prepare...

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Year 6 SATs Celebration


To celebrate their fantastic effort during SATs week, we took our Year 6's to Firth Park Park. Whilst there they played football, had fun on the playground and had a picnic. They challenged themselves to find as many different ways of climbing the playground equipment and timing themselves to get from one side to the other without touching the floo...

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Year 5 Reading Superstars


We are continuing our fantastic reading project to improve our reading fluency, performance skills and depth of understanding of different types of texts. This week, we have been reading 'Amazing Migrations' non-fiction information text, learning to understand quite complex ideas with ambitious vocabulary, while learning to read it a bit like David...

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Year 5 Scientists


We have been super busy Scientists in Year 5 so far this term, learning all about space and our place within it! We have researched, investigated, explored and used our mathematical data handling skills to understand how the planets relate to their space in the solar system. We look forward to sharing some of this learning with parents in our Paren...

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We have been all 'Mixed' up in Nursery


This week we have been learning about the story Mixed, and how the colours can be friends who come together to make new and beautiful colours! We have built towns and dens for the colours, explored with mixing paint, enjoyed lots of wonderful messy play and painted our own Kandinsky paintings- look out for our finished art pieces coming to the Nurs...

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Y1 Parent Meeting - Tuesday 17th May

Phonics screening check - Monday 6th June - Friday 10th June 2022 Hello, we will be holding a short parents meeting on Tuesday 17th May at 2..40pm jn the large hall. It is an opportunity for us to provide further information about the Y1 phonics screening check taking place between Monday 6th June - Friday 10th June and for you to ask any ques...

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Y3's Fun with Fractions

Fun with Fractions

Friday marked the end of our unit on fractions but my my we have had blast learning about them! Not only do we know how to find fractions of amounts and shapes but we also know how to compare fractions too.  For our final lesson, we calculated how many Smarties of each colour there were in a tube (yes, the chocola...

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F2 maths learning


F2's maths learning is all about spatial reasoning this week! The children have explored using a variety of shapes to create their own pictures.  

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Y1 Giant Catchers!

Y1 have been looking at the story of Jack and the beanstalk. This week we were trying to catch the Giant, as he had made a real mess of our class rooms!

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Wild Things in Year 2!

We have made a terrifying discovery... lurking in the brains of year 2 children are some terrifying and ferocious wild things!  In talk for writing this week we have been creating new creatures, exploring their features, diets and habitats. We couldn't believe how frightening some of them were!  We are very proud of the creative...

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In Year 5, we have begun an exciting new Reading Project, aimed at improving the children's fluency, expression, comprehension and confidence in reading aloud for meaning. We have had so much fun so far reading poetry and a narrative, thinking carefully about the way our voices need to change and where we need to take planned pauses for effect...

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