Hucklow Heroes - Captain Sir Tom Moore - Century Challenge!


As the world unites in sadness over the death of Sir Tom, We can take many lessons from his life, lets celebrate the values he taught us as they are the same key values that we promote at Hucklow School..


Sir Tom will be remembered as the man who cared and helped raise over 33 Million pounds for the NHS. Money that will be used to support staff and patients across the country.

Self Belief

Even though Sir Tom was 100 years old, he believed in himself as he set about to complete the 100 laps of his garden. 


Sir Tom is respected by people across the world for the selfless act of supporting others. He has inspired many other people to also complete similar challenges and to raise money for charitable causes.

Team Work

The work of Sir Tom could not have been complete without the support of his amazing family, They supported Sir Tom through every step of his challenge.

To honour this amazing man and his achievements Mrs. Duckworth has set a new challenge for staff and pupils in school and those of you at home including parents. 

The 'Century Challenge' is where you set yourself the challenge to do something 100 times. This could be 100 laps around the yard, read 100 pages in one day, run for 100 minutes, 100 press ups, tell 100 jokes in a week and so on.

We are not collecting money as this is just a way for us to remember Sir Tom and hopefully inspire us all to try something new and challenge ourselves a little too. 

Have fun and please share the challenges! 

Year 3, Week 6, Spanish with Miss Kachra, 8.2.21
Y2 remote learning Friday 5th February 2021