Keeping Fit With The Inclusion Team

Keeping Fit With The Inclusion Team!

Just as you are challenging your brains with the amazing learning you have been doing, it is just as important that you all get out of your homes for some exercise & fresh air.

As we celebrate Children's Mental Health Week 2021, the inclusion team is challenging you all to complete one of the below exercises and above all to ensure that you SMILE :-) 

Ms Jessica Ennis Irwin, Mr H-Ussain Bolt and Mr Hard-Wicks are on hand to offer you some tips to ensure you are keeping fit.

Fun Fact - Ms Irwin is known to have conducted a zoom meeting and recorded an assembly during the 500m race at the Hucklow Olympics in 2017 where she won the Gold medal!

Ms Irwin's Top Tips For A Daily Walk

  • Have a route in mind, it may be that you start by walking around the block or take a walk to the nearest park.
  • Try to do some interval waking where you walk faster in short bursts.

 Fun Fact - Mr Hussain who is the undisputed fastest man at Hucklow and has broken more records than the number of emails Mr D sends to staff in a month, literally hundreds!

Mr Hussain's Top Tips For A Daily Run

  • Before you start running do a warm up with some stretching and running on the spot for at least a minute
  • Go to your nearest park. We have many in the locality including Firth Park, Concord, Abbeyfield & Longley

Fun Fact - Mr Hardwick has been getting the nation fit during the lockdown with his daily PE lessons. He has been rather low-key since purchasing his new hot tub. He has however confirmed that he will be playing James Bond in the upcoming movie 'Bubble 07'

Mr Hardwick's Top Tips For A Daily Bike Ride

  • Ensure You wear a helmet and the necessary safety gear
  • Try and find a route that has inclines so you can challenge and push yourself 

Always remember to wear appropriate footwear & clothing, stay safe, do not mix with other households but do have plenty of fun and don't forget to SMILE :-) 

 Do Email photos of yourselves doing your daily exercise to your class teachers. 

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